Dance Now Economy Lady's Jazz Tap Shoe

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  • Man Made
  • Blended upper - Blending together synthetic materials, along with real leather, this dance tap shoe was built to last and can hold up to even the toughest dance routines.
  • Non-Slip Pad - Not only does this pad on the shoe bottom help to prevent slipping so you can remain sure-footed in your routine, but it will also help to improve your overall balance.
  • 1/2 Inch Heel - The perfect height for tap routines, balance and ease of movement, having a tap heel this height is the ideal in any quality tap shoe.
  • Riveted Taps - Tap shoes often lose their taps long before the shoe wears out, but these riveted taps are stronger and a lot more durable. As an added benefit, they're also a lot louder and resonate better.
  • Elastic Tap Ties - These are for both convenience and style, allowing you to quickly tie your shoes up before or between routines with a quick elastic, while also adding a bit more style to your shoes.
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