HaflAdira General Information

HaflAdira General Information

Time: HaflAdira begins at 1:00PM and lasts until 4:00 or 5:00PM, depending on the number of dancers and the length of their sets.

Performance Length: There is not set length for performances – dancers may dance as long as they like. That being said, most soloists dance less than 12 minutes and troupes less than 20 minutes. Many performances are to just a single song.

The length of your performance is due to Adira two weeks prior to the hafla so the line up may be set. Specific dance times may be requested, and best efforts are made to accommodate those requests.

Please note that if you cancel your performance after the line up is set, you may not be able to attain future dance time requests.

Arrive at least 45 minutes prior to your performance.

Introductions: Introductions or changes to your introduction are due to Adira via email the Wednesday before hafla (adira@adiradance.com). There is not a set format or length for your introduction, so feel free to include information about your dance style, music, costuming, and experience. You may also promote classes, workshops, performances, etc., and be sure to bring flyers for these.


Adira Dance and Costume

2038 Lincoln Avenue San Jose, CA 95125

Store phone 408-269-0110

Adira's Mobile 408-221-7292

Venue: Dancers perform inside the store on tile, in approximately a 17' X 8' space. Audience members sit in an adjacent space in front of the stage.

Parking: Parking in the parking lot directly behind the store, accessed from either Lincoln Avenue or Malone Road. Street parking is available along Lincoln Avenue, and on side streets.

Dressing Room: There are rooms within the store for changing. It is suggested that you arrive with your makeup on.

Music: A professional sound engineer will be playing music. Bring your music on CD, iPod, or phone. As soon as you arrive, visit the sound engineer. He will want to know the number of music tracks, and if your performance will begin on stage or off stage. If using a phone, make sure it is on airplane mode during your performance.

Additional Information: - Water will be available for dancers. Costume cover-ups are strongly suggested.

*Adira cannot be reached via email after 8:00pm the day before the hafla.

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